Sunday, September 9, 2012

I have been doing a lot of work on official sets recently.
This is a fun experience and you always learn something new on set and in action.

Here are a few projects I have worked on lately.

Project - Production Company - My Job On Set

Nitro Circus 3D - Godfrey Productions - 3D Video Assist 
Flip Men - 25/7 Productions - Set P.A.
The New Testaments - LDS Motion Picture Studio - Set P.A.
BlackJacks - Quorum Entertainment - Set P.A.
Dr. Fubalous - Hip Hop Doc LLC - Key Set P.A.
Dentrix Web Commercial  - Soul41 Productions - Key Set P.A.
12 Dogs of Christmas 2 - Merrill Family Films - Set P.A.
Euro NinjaPro Infomercial - Stilson Productions - Key Set P.A.
Bullworker-Pro Infomercial - Infomercials, INC. - Set P.A.
AAA Insurance Commercial - Impatient Cow - Set P.A.

Not to mention I have been working on several of personal projects as well -

"It's Just Not Working Out." - Writer, Editor & Actor (Official Selection 2012 UVU Film Festival)
Utah Safety Council Web-Commercials - Writer, Editor & Director (On YouTube)
Father of The Year - Writer, Editor, Co-Producer & Director (Official Selection of the 2012 UVU & Salt Lake City Film Festivals)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Utah Safety Council Public Service Announcements

A group of friends and myself were contacted by The Utah Safety Council to create five Public Service Announcements.

They will cover the topics of Drowsy Driving, Distracted Driving, Aggressive Driving, Speeding, and non-use of safety restraints.

I have personally written three of these PSAs and directed two of them.

Here is the first finished product, please let me know what you think.

Please make sure the video is set to HD before playing.

Prom Crash PSA

Prom Date: Dan Garner
Girl: Kelsey Kendall
Mom: Vicki Kingdon Robinson
Dad: Dan Larsen
Crash Photographer: Derrick Dube

Written and Directed by: Neil Hiatt
Director of Photography: Stelios Xanthos
Producer: Jorden Nash
Art Director: Penny Johnson
Script Supervisor: Elizabeth JoAnne Griffin-Spencer
Wardrobe, Makeup & Props: Kellie Preece
1st AC: Jeremy Prusso
2nd AC: Jorden Nash
Gaffer: Henrik Patterson
Grip/Electric: Zach Vineyard
Dolly Grip: Austin Wilson
VFX: Josh Badger
Consultant: Alyson Freebairn
Craft Service: Ashley Xanthos

"Hold Me Closer" Written and Performed by: Kellie Preece & Sheii Lindley

Special Thanks To:
Utah Valley University
UVU Digital Media & Theatre Departments
The City of Orem
Vern Hiatt
Will McKinnon
UVU Police
The Utah Safety Council

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Helping Hands

Here is a video I helped out with, it's called Helping Hands.

My friend Sean Del Pullan wrote and directed this one for the St. George Guerilla Film Festival.

By the way...Helping Hands, WON the Jury Award (so 1st place).

I believe that is three out of three competitions I have entered and been involved in that have won.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cinematography II

For my Cinematography II class we we were given several short film assignments and one video essay.

Here are the fruits of that labor.

Short Scenes:
For each short scene we were given one page of action to shoot M.O.S.
It had to be between 5-10 seconds long and we could add music in post.

Bar Scene:

Music: "First Night" By: The Hold Steady

End of The Relationship:

Music: "Bad Reputation" By: Freedy Johnston

Office Waiting:

Music: "Landslide" By: The Backbeats

Video Essay:
For this assignment we had to create a two minute video essay that told a story to music.

Music: "Moth Wings" By: Passion Pit

Friday, April 22, 2011

Coming Soon "It's Just Not Working Out."

For my advanced production class our group filmed an 8 minute short titled It's Just Not Working Out.


Johnson: Neil Hiatt
Mr. Wilson: Jake Ben Suazo
C.E.O.: Arlen Card
Secretary: Sarah Rasmussen
Miles: Dan Garner
Sweatshop Employee: Vick Doultani

Additional Office Workers:
Bradley Crane
Eric Lawrence
Stelios Xanthos
Alyson Freebairn
Claudia Garza
Brittney Johnson
Elizabeth Spencer
Jeremy Prusso
Jorden Nash
Valentina Bilancieri
Penny Johnson
Jorden Rasmussen


Written by: Neil Hiatt
Directed by: Alyson Freebairn
Director of Photography: Stelios Xanthos
Producer: Jorden Nash
Sound Designer: Eric Lawrence
Gaffer: Bradley Crane
1st A.C.: Jeremy Prusso
2nd A.C.: Valentina Bilancieri
1st A.D.: Brittney Johnson
Camera, Grip, Electric: Jordan Rasmussen
Dolly Grip: T.J. Bates
Property Master: Kellie Preece
Set Designer: Penny Johnson
Set Decorator: Claudia Garza
Script Supervisor: Elizabeth Spencer
Colorist: Justin Morris
Digital FX: Josh Badger

We had a fantastic crew and amazing cast. At the moment we are adding the finishing touches to the final product (the audio is being sweetened and color correction is taking place) and we hope to have it done in a couple of weeks.

So as a teaser here are our outtakes from It's Just Not Working Out.

Thank you to all of the wonderful Cast & Crew involved in the making of It's Just Not Working Out.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Imposing Building

This was for a Video Assignment in my Cinematography II class.

We were supposed to film establishing shots that would make a building seem imposing...
I think Matthew Butler and I did a pretty good job.

All of the shots were filmed on the Canon t2i at 24 fps.

Imposing Building:

The song we used was "Time" By: Hans Zimmer from the film Inception.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

LDS 24 hour Film Festival

For the last nine years the LDS Film Festival has held a 24 hour film competition.
The basic idea is you have twenty-four hours (from 10:00 A.M. Friday to 10:00 A.M. Saturday ) to write, shoot, edit, score, and turn in a three minute film.

The Rules Are:
1. You can only have five people in your group total (meaning only 5 people to act as your cast AND your crew).
2. You must use the given theme, prop, and line of dialog in your film (Our theme was generosity, our prop was a dollar bill, and the line of dialog was "What more can...").
3. Your film can only be three minutes in length.

Anyway, my group entered and won this year!

It was a wonderful feeling to meet so many talented individuals and to walk away with our heads held high.

So, without further ado I give you our short film...
(NOTE: Remember we only had 24 hours to make this, so please forgive some of our editing and continuity errors)